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Advertisements are something we have all seen and/or heard.  There is no way to escape our ad-filled world.  I’m going to discuss 3 common marketing techniques that are used in both the tech sector as well as many other industries.  And chances are you have seen and/or heard the following marketing terminology somewhere.  You may have even been exposed to these without noticing it consciously.  Let’s begin.

1. One of the most common and well-known marketing techniques is the “New and Improved” campaign.  New and improved is a very popular marketing approach.  Often times, you don’t even have to change the core product.  If you make the packaging better; such as making it easier to open, you can slap that new and improved stamp on it and be on your way.

For example, Heinz ketchup, they don’t change their recipe, but if they come out with a new bottle that is easier to open and prevents ketchup from building up on the lid – it would be considered new and improved.  I’m still waiting for an alternative to those horrible packets.  They should change their ketchup packets to those little jelly containers, it would be great for dipping things.

2. This next technique is one many people never pick up on and if they do, it can be too late.  The technique I’m referring to is the use of the phrases “up to” or “as low as”.  More often than not, people seem to “miss” hearing those phrases.  For whatever the reason, when most people watch and/or listen to an advertisement, they just don’t hear those words.

For example, weight loss products: “Lose up to 20lbs in 2 weeks!”  In the course of the actual commercial most people will process that as “Lose 20lb in 2 weeks!”.  Or, “Own a Mac Pro for as low as $50/month!”  In that case, it can even be dangerous for a consumer, because after the first year of making payments the interest rate will spike.  It could go as high as 40% sometimes and then you would really be screwed.  So when it comes to the phrase “as low as”, either make sure you actually have the money to buy the product and just pay it in full (recommended) or if you can’t do that, before setting up a financed payment plan, make sure you can absolutely pay the entire cost in full within one year.

3. Often times advertisements will compare themselves to a leading product in the marketplace.  Either by stating their product is X times faster or more powerful.  While they can’t technically lie about things like that, if an advertisement states that Product A is as good as Product B and costs half as much, it doesn’t necessarily have be equivalent.  This is because that is technically someones opinion.  So just because it states it’s comparable or just as good, doesn’t always mean it is.  Something to keep in mind when you make future purchases.

Of course, there are many others out there.  Have one to share?  Leave a comment!

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