By now you have probably picked up your iPhone 4, but up until yesterday, there was no way to jailbreak it.  That’s changed.  Now you can easily jailbreak your iPhone 4 using the site  It’s extremely simple and easy.  In fact, it’s so easy, you might find yourself asking: “That’s it?” and the answer will be, yes – that’s it.

In order to jailbreak your iPhone, simply visit the site in Safari using your phone, and slide the arrow.  Once you slide the arrow, the jailbreak process will commence.  It only takes a few minutes and then it’s complete.

Once the jailbreak has completed, you will have Cydia installed on your iPhone.  Cydia will allow you to download and install all of the apps, themes, tweaks, etc.  It’s fairly easy to use.  While it’s not as pretty as Apple’s App Store, it does the job.  I have some more great jailbreak content coming soon so stay tuned.

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