iPhone 5 sells out in just under an hour, roughly 20 times faster than the previous two iPhone 4 and 4S launches roars the headline on TechCrunch early Friday morning. An entire first batch of iPhone 5’s bought up, within a mere 60 minutes. But the iPhone doesn’t excite anyone according to Dan Lyons, in an article published by the BBC.

Hey Dan, I can hear Steve screaming too — screaming with joy. 60 minutes, Dan.

The naysayers may say that Apple only produced a limited supply in an effort to simulate the appearance of extremely high demand. I say that couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, Tim Cook, who is an operational genius and is responsible for tying up Apple’s supply chain for key iPhone and iPad parts for months at a time in an effort to keep competition at bay and meet the demand for Apple products, planned better than that.

Let’s not forget, Tim Cook, prior to being CEO was the COO — Chief Operating Officer, again an operations guy. Not a salesman. His natural instinct would be to meet the demand for the product.

Others may say that the iPhone 5 is boring, it isn’t radically visually different and that Steve wouldn’t have approved certain elements of it. All of those people must have forgotten it was said that Steve spent most of his time developing the iPhone 5 prior to his passing, not the 4S. You think Apple only starts developing the next iPhone after the release of the new one? Don’t be foolish.

MG Siegler’s post on the iPhone 5 event, despite being trolled in the comments, is right on the money. Apple doesn’t change things for the sake of change, nor should they. With that said, I think anyone who complains about the new iPhone not being different enough doesn’t understand the engineering magnitude of what was accomplished with the iPhone 5. Because it’s truly remarkable.

And that’s why I ordered one, along with the millions of others.

60 minutes, Dan.

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