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So you have a bunch of movies and/or TV shows you have acquired over the years and want to finally organize them on your computer? This was the exact situation I found myself in a while back, so I started to do some research for the best way to organize my movie library and after a little research the answer was clear: I needed to use iFlicks.

iFlicks is a great macOS app that makes it super simple to organize your movie and TV library–it offers advanced metadata collection features as well as the ability to quickly convert without loss (or if there is, very minimal) to quality of the video file. It also has more advanced workflow features built-in as well, such as the ability to watch particular folders for new video content and automate tasks using rules and scripts.

By using iFlicks you can make your movie library look great on iTunes with the appropriate artwork and metadata information such as movie title, the year it was released, cast and crew information, chapters, and much more. It can do the same for your TV show library as well, including identifying season and episode number.

I’ve been using iFlicks for a couple years now and I love it, it’s easy to use and it’s fast. I have been happy with the default settings for the most part, it provides pretty much everything I need. iFlicks pulls metadata and adds it to movie/TV files quickly and conversions (when they need to happen) are no different. My iTunes library looks great and plays great across all my devices.

The app is available in the Mac App Store for $35. You can also get access to iFlicks via Setapp which is a Netflix for macOS apps that costs $9.99 per month and includes iFlicks and many other great apps.


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