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Podcasters and videocasters are in the business of sharing their art, skills, and opinions with viewers around the world. However, when they upload their videos, it’s a one-way street: they only put on the show, and their audiences remain in the shadows, without taking part in the events they enjoy and joining the conversation. On the other end of the screen, video broadcasters may sometimes feel that it’s hard to fully engage with the instant feedback and begin a conversation with their audience. Once the content is broadcasted and shared, broadcasters may feel detached from their audiences, with no direct and interactive feedback. Reading messages from viewers can often become stale, repetitive, and even impersonal.

One platform that manages to break through the barrier between viewers and broadcasters is ringID Live. The application, by social network ringID, enables broadcasters to correspond with their viewers through live engagement, direct voice, and video calls, turning a seemingly one-sided relationship into an interactive experience for both broadcasters and audiences. Once broadcasters and audiences connect, audience members can be given the opportunity to share the limelight and co-host or speak on the broadcast itself. Users can discover new content by browsing a specific location or category to easily navigate video broadcasts that appeal to them.

ringID users are also able to share and download media onto a newsfeed, where the community can engage, comment, and like different broadcasts in one space. Also, if a ‘like’ just isn’t doing the content justice, viewers can also reward their favorite broadcasters with virtual gifts (cashable) so broadcasters can earn real money. ringID Live has its own currency, called ringID coins, which users trade to buy virtual gifts. Each coin is valued at $0.001. Gifts include a bouquet of virtual flowers (25 coins), a diamond ring (1000 coins), a red Lamborghini (15,000 coins) and more. The coin transaction between broadcasters’ and the viewer generates commissions, and broadcasters can also choose to make their videos pay-to-watch.

ringID Live is the latest feature in a series of new additions to the ringID social networking platform aiming to put all the features and abilities of social networking under one app. So far, ringID has already included features, such as stickers, multimedia messaging, secret chat, and a “lite” version of the app. Although this platform is promising us the future of participation and engagement, it is fairly new and mostly only being used by those in South Asian countries. It still has much to go before it reaches the western shores of Europe and America. Only then can we truly know if ringID will be the leading form of two-way video broadcasting or just the start of a much longer journey.

As live videos make their way onto social media, two-way broadcasting is becoming more and more popular. Instagram recently tested and added a two-way live stream option. Live streaming is useful not just for individual users sharing their lives with the Internet, but also for businesses that use social media to market products and services. Inviting a viewer to participate and engages in the broadcast is an effective way to connect with target audiences. It is both intimate and public at the same time. The two-way live video option brings broadcasters closer to their audiences – no matter who they are. Looking towards the future of video broadcasting and their mobile features it will be of no surprise if this is just the start of the way in which we participate and observe our icons, idols and content creators. Engagement and participation is the future of this technology.

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