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Everyone is familiar with the common job hunting struggles, but with Woo’s newest AI robot, “Helena,” job seeking has finally been made easy. The average employment process today is long, difficult, and frustrating; on both sides. With Woo’s new technology the future of recruitment will be straightforward and painless.

So how does Woo work?

Woo’s AI headhunter Helena collects relevant data from Woo’s community of job seekers and employers, as well as external online sources. It then uses powerful algorithms to create high quality matches. The platform houses a unique pool of candidates, 80% of whom are open to, but not actively seeking a new job. Thousands of passive job seekers discreetly join Woo every month, input their experience and career desires, and then are served up opportunities that match their preferences and desires. Of these candidates 50% move forward with interview, which is 3x more than recruiting agencies, and 20x more than job boards. Basically Helena does all the scouting, recruiting and approaching; acting as a matchmaker to find the perfect alignment between employees and employers.

In today’s fast paced society it’s increasingly important to stay ahead of the current trends. The working culture of past generations is not the same as the working culture of the current or future generations. Younger generations tend to change jobs at a faster pace, therefore the platform will aid employers in filling these open positions more quickly, and efficiently before suffering productivity or profit loss. In addition the platform will also help these employees to fill new positions better suited for them conveniently.

Essentially Helena is a blend of AI, machine learning, and human expertise. Woo has invested more than two years in building Helena, by putting together a “dream team” of the best recruiters and data scientists from industry-leading companies like Google and Facebook, as well as top algorithm engineers. The team trained the headhunter robot how recruiters think and make decisions, which enables Helena to get smarter over time through employer feedback and machine learning. And the invested time in perfecting Helena has paid off; Helena is already out-performing human recruiters in both speed, and quality matchmaking.

However, Woo isn’t the only player in the market. Since the increased demand in the HR assessment market we’ve seen growth in smart recruitment companies. Companies like Talent Sonar, Entelo, and Fama are using powerful algorithms and software to uncover correlations between attributes, job performance, and analytics that best fit a person to a job. Predictive algorithms and machine learning are becoming the emerging tool in identifying the best candidates. Although the market is competitive, Woo having the first ever AI-powered virtual headhunter has put them in the lead of this AI revolution of hiring.

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