We’ve all been there: you sign-up for a subscription based service or a free trial and you decide for whatever the reason not to renew the subscription at the end of the billing period.  Often times you’ll receive several emails reminding you that your subscription is about to expire and that you should renew and occasionally once it has expired, you may even receive a special “we want you back” offer.  But sometimes, depending upon the service, you receive something else (or in addition to emails), you receive a phone call from the company.  A phone call you typically try to ignore, however, accidentally answer while driving in the car and your phone is in your pocket so you don’t know who’s calling (or well, something along those lines).

That’s what happened to me today, except the phone call was painless and actually made me appreciate the company even more.  How is that possible?  I’ll explain.

I’ve had an iOS developer account for a few years now and up until this year, I’ve always renewed it every March.  The reason I’m not renewing the iOS developer account this year is because I don’t need it anymore.  The new BestTechie website is a responsive design, meaning, it looks great on all devices (computers, tablets, and smartphones), so we really no longer need to have the BestTechie app in the App Store (plus it hasn’t been updated in quite some time).  Thus, I decided to not renew the account.

Now back to the story.

This morning I’m driving and my phone starts ringing, I hit the button on my steering wheel to answer the call and say “Hello?” the voice on the other end of the call (let’s call him Joe) says, “Hello, this is Joe from Apple, I’m calling to speak with Jeffrey Weisbein,” “This is Jeff,” I replied.  I had a feeling this would be about my iOS developer account and as it turns out, it was.  Joe went on to tell me that he was calling as a courtesy to remind me (just in case I wasn’t aware) that my iOS developer account was up for renewal in a few days (March 15).  Meanwhile, I kept waiting for these words to make their way into my ear, “Would you like to renew your developer account?” to which I would reply, “No,” and to which I would be asked, “Why not?”

When is it time to separate from your business partner?

But none of that ever happened.

In fact, the reminder was the only thing Joe said to me, after I said thanks for the reminder, Joe followed up with “Do you have any questions that I could answer while you have me on the phone?” “No,” I said, he then said to have a good day (as did I) and we went our separate ways.

Not once did I feel pressured to renew, nor did I have to defend my reasoning for not wanting to renew — none of that was even asked.  It was the most pleasant subscription renewal phone call I ever had.  If only they were all that way.

Thank you, Apple.  Your customer service is truly above and beyond all others.

  • This is the exact opposite of the situation I have been through with Microsoft. When I used to have a TechNet subscription and decided to stop renewing it. Instead of just one phone call to check in and see if I wanted to continue. The scum at Microsoft felt it was worth 10 calls to me to try and get me to renew. It does show how greedy they really are. It also let me know that I will never subscribe again as that sort of hard retention sales job completely turned me off the program for good. It also shows how stupid the people at Microsoft are. Understand that I would have signed back up later on if they did not make it such a painful process to quit. I know I could have used TechNet as each new OS or Office Sutie update came out so that I could learn their new features and then help Microsoft sell those upgrades to my clients. Just another reason Apple is winning the future.

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