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This just in: Yahoo employees have found something else to complain about.

First, it was Mayer’s ban on full-time telecommuting, which caused an uproar in the press, though several ex-Yahoos remarked that the step was absolutely necessary. Now? It’s Marissa Mayer’s hiring practices. She’s apparently being too strict about who can get a job at Yahoo, and employees claim that she’s causing the company to miss out on top talent.

Mayer is on a quest to rebuild Yahoo’s internal culture and bail out a purple ship that has been sinking for the better part of a decade. Having all hands on deck in the office? That will help. Making sure Yahoo brings in the right talent? That will help. What won’t help? Employees who don’t share the company’s new vision and the desire to make it great again.

Maybe fixing that problem is next on the agenda.

[Source: The Huffington Post]


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