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Recently, Meg Whitman (HP CEO), said in an interview with Fox Business that the company has to ultimately offer a smartphone. While there is currently no set time table for the HP smartphone to hit the market, one thing Meg Whitman did say is that her motto to the team that is currently developing the device is “better right, than faster than we should be there.”

HP’s planned entrance into the smartphone market isn’t unforeseen, especially with the recently opened mobility division that is also working on new tablets. What is going to be most important for HP is making sure these smartphones are in fact done right and can be viable competitors in the already very fierce smartphone market, especially after HP’s latest flat third-quarter when the company saw a drop in PC and printer sales.

One other thing that will be interesting to see is which mobile operating system HP chooses to go with for its smartphone, whether that be Windows Phone 8, Android, or a revival of WebOS. It would be cool to see more Windows Phone’s in the market and if HP were to back Windows Phone, that would potentially be a huge boost to the platform.

What do you think? Does HP have a chance to develop a meaningful smartphone?


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