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Malwarebytes, one of the premiere anti-malware firms in the market, just released its flagship Anti-Malware product for the enterprise. Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition (MEE) is targeted at large corporations, education institutions, and government agencies as a way to easily protect hundreds or thousands of computers on a network.

Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition will help prevent zero-day malware in the wild and polymorphic attacks from wreaking havoc on your network. MEE features advanced management features that offer a range of deployment capabilities, smart policy creation, and informative reporting functionality that will help keep an IT department in-the-know and aware of what’s going on within the network.

As with the Malwarebytes desktop software, MEE has a small footprint, meaning it doesn’t suck up your valuable server resources. It also features its blazing fast scans and incredible removal technology. Additionally, MEE is designed to work with existing anti-virus solutions that may already be implemented to provide an additional security layer to help further protect valuable corporate assets.

MEE is supported on several Windows Server operating systems including Windows Server 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, and 2012. You can find a complete list of supported operating systems and system requirements here.

MEE is available today and pricing for 100 seat licenses begins at $1,315. Custom packages are also available upon request.

Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition home window
Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition report window
Malwarebytes Enterprise Edition client window threat view

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