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Wouldn’t it be great to walk into a wine store and immediately know what wines were good and which ones were a rip off?  Delectable, a wine app for iOS,  has released 4.0, allowing users to take a snapshot of a wine label and instantly learn about a wine within seconds.  

Delectable’s previous version took a few minutes to process the text on a wine label so the new version’s instant recognition capabilities (2.6 seconds on average) are a boon for winemakers, sommeliers and wine enthusiasts.  Once the app recognizes the label, it identifies the wine maker, wine name, grapes, region, community ratings and reviews.  Users also have the option to purchase the wine for home delivery, a convenient choice if you’ve discovered the wine at a friend’s diner party, for example.


Delectable boasts the world’s most complete dataset for over 3 million wines and an engaged community.  Delectable 4.0 introduces a new rating system which allows users to follow top wine professionals and friends to see what they’re drinking as well as discover new wines and make recommendations.  

Wine apps are becoming more popular as image recognition technology improves. Delectable competes with a few apps in the space including Drync, which recently raised an additional $2.1 million in outside funding, and Vivino, which got a mention during the Amazon Fire Launch on Wednesday.


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