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Cable Provider Comcast is preparing a new package bundle that’s designed to offer a cheaper way to access HBO and HBO Go, while also throwing in access to high-speed Internet and a limited selection of television channels and video on demand services.

The package is called Internet Plus, and it offers limited TV channel access (20 channels and video on demand), the company’s limited streaming service StreamPix, and 25 Mbps broadband Internet with HBO/HBO Go access.

So, the conclusions drawn recently that HBO would be attainable outside of a cable subscription are sadly incorrect — you’ll still very much need a cable subscription to access HBO. It’s not going the way of the Netflix just yet.

Internet Plus will cost $49.99 per month for the first 12 months. After the first year, the monthly charge increases to $69.95.


We’ve compared what you’ll approximately spend with Internet Plus versus other popular services like Netflix and Hulu Plus (granted you need an Internet connection to access Netflix and/or Hulu), which you can check out below.

Netflix vs. Internet Plus: The Cost

One Year of Netflix – $96.00 without tax

One Year of Hulu Plus – $96.00 without tax

First Year of Internet Plus – $600.00 without tax

Next Year(s) of Internet Plus – $840.00 without tax

Overall, the pricing for Internet Plus is okay considering what you get: a 25Mbps connection, plus local channels and HBO. If you don’t care about HBO, your best bet would be to signup for the Performance Internet package which includes just a 25Mbps connection for $30/month. Once you have Internet you can then purchase Netflix and Hulu Plus for roughly the same cost as the Internet Plus package.


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