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March 16, 2014

In A World of Constant Surveillance We Still Lost Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

This missing Malaysia Airlines flight has me glued to the TV, news sites, and the #MH370 hashtag on Twitter — it’s a real mystery and it’s crazy to me how we can just lose a massive plane.  It disappeared into thin air, literally.  I feel terrible for the families of the people who were onboard, the whole not knowing aspect must be impossibly hard to deal with, I really cannot imagine what they are going through.  I’m hoping for a safe return of their family members.

But back to the disappearing plane, [...]

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March 14, 2014

Amazon Branded Gaming Controller Revealed in Leaked Photos

We’ve been hearing rumors that Amazon has been working on a new game console platform for quite some time now, likely powered by Android under the hood similar to the OUYA game console that we reviewed upon its release last summer. Now today we’re getting our first look at photos of what appears to be an official Amazon branded game controller, likely for use on such a platform.

The photos reveal a controller that looks markedly similar to controllers bundled with both the Xbox One and the Xbox 360. [...]

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March 14, 2014

Popcorn Time Shuts Down Amid Legal Threats, Despite Claiming the Project is Legal [UPDATE: It’s Back]

Popcorn Time is back online and fully functional thanks to the fact that the project was hosted on Github, making it easy to download both the installer and the source code, leading torrent site YTS to take over the project, reports TorrentFreak.

“We are in a better position copyright wise because it’s built on our API, it’s as if we have built another interface to our website,” YTS developer Jduncanator told TorrentFreak. “We are no worse off managing the project than we would be just supplying the movies.”

“It’s our [...]

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March 13, 2014

iOS 8 Details and Leaked Images Point to Greater iCloud Integration

This must be the week for iOS 8 leaks: a new report out of 9to5Mac suggests that Apple’s in-development iOS 8 will offer greater integration of the company’s iCloud file storage system. The move comes in response to developer complaints that the current systems in place to integrate iCloud is too complicated.

The post spells it out thusly:

“Apple is said to be researching new iCloud storage tools to make the development of server-integrated App Store applications for iOS simpler. Developers have long complained that [...]

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March 13, 2014

Video: Experiencing Real Life Mario Kart at SXSW 2014

At this year’s South by South West, Nintendo and Pennzoil teamed up to make the experience of Mario Kart somewhat of a reality. Attendees at the show, including Jeff, our own editor-in-chief, had the opportunity to race go-karts around a track Mario-Kart style. But how did they do it?

Well, drivers were put into electric go-karts that had Go Pro Cameras mounted above their heads. The karts also had RFID tags in the form of racing decals on the side, so that karts could be affected by game rules, including green shells and booster [...]

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March 13, 2014

Amazon Reportedly Launching ‘Project Aria’ Smartphone This Year

Is Amazon ready to make a play for your pocket?

That might be the case, according to The Information. The site is reporting that Amazon is working on a smartphone — dubbed “Project Aria” — that could launch sometime this year to take on Apple’s iPhone, as well as devices running operating systems from both Google and Microsoft.

The move seems like the next logical step for the online retail giant, which already has a healthy content ecosystem in place for music, movies, TV shows and e-books. [...]

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March 13, 2014

Huawei Bringing Dual-Boot Windows & Android Phone to US

Just a week after news that Microsoft had made arrangements to bring dual-boot Windows and Android handsets to customers in India, Chinese smartphone maker Huawei has informally announced its intention to do the same for customers here in the United States. In an interview on TrustedReviews, Huawei’s Chief Marketing Officer Shao Yang explained that the company plans to bring dual-boot handsets to the US this spring.

According to Yang, the company believes there is a market for people curious about Microsoft’s mobile operating [...]

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March 13, 2014

Amazon Prime Subscription Price Hiked by $20

About a month and a half after Amazon CFO Tom Szkutak speculated that the company’s Prime subscription price might increase, it’s happened. Today, Amazon has confirmed that its Amazon Prime service—which offers free two-day shipping on a majority of its products, not to mention video streaming options—has gone from $79 a year to $99 a year, a 25 percent increase for the same suite of services.

Of course, while a 25 percent increase sounds like a lot, breaking things down to what Prime membership would cost month-to-month makes it [...]

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