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July 19, 2011

Do You Need A Data Plan?

Most all of us have at one point or another been robbed by our mobile phone carriers by the ridiculously expensive data plans, and while we continue to believe that we need these data plans I’m saying to my carrier AT&T “thanks, but no thanks.” Over the summer I flew half way across the globe to Singapore for a nice and relaxing vacation. Due to the nature of international voice and data roaming you can imagine my unwillingness to pay the ridiculous fees associated with using my phone while abroad. Thus, I was [...]

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July 8, 2011

Rumor: Apple Pushing OS X Lion to App Store Servers

If you are here you’ve probably noticed that the iTunes and Mac App Store are both running extremely slow. I myself have attempted to download a few apps for my iPad and my Mac and have been stuck waiting for quite some time. After looking around on the Apple developer forums most of us are convinced this slowness is due to Apple pushing Mac OS X Lion to the App Store servers.

If you were/are wanting to download anything from the App Store we suggest you wait a few hours until things go back to normal. We will keep you [...]

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July 6, 2011

How To: Set Up Facebook Video Calling on Lion

You might have heard that Facebook announced Video Calling with the help of Skype on their service today. You might have also noticed that if you are running a pre-release version of Mac OS X Lion it simply does not work. In reality the Facebook video calling feature will work on Lion but is blocked due to the unofficial nature of Mac OS X Lion. Below are a few simple steps to get Facebook Video Calling working on any modern browser in Mac OS X Lion.
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March 26, 2011

Why Linux Distributions Will Never Be Mainstream

Throughout the history of software there has always been people who prefer customization over simplicity. In the more modern era of computer software the most evident example of this phenomenon is Linux distributions. A distribution of software cobbled together into one massive bundle that seems to be held together by an elastic band. Normally these operating systems are outdated and are almost always neglected by mainstream software developers. For example, Adobe Flash on Linux seems to only work if you pray to the Adobe gods before [...]

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March 24, 2011

What Is OAuth and How Can it Make the Internet Safer?

Over the last few months I’ve been working on discovering the functionality of the OAuth standard. OAuth (Open Authorization) is an open standard for authorization. It allows users to share their private resources (e.g. photos, videos, contact lists) stored on one site with another site without having to hand out their credentials, typically a username and password.

So lets assume some third-party website like Dropbox wants to import your photos from Facebook. The way this would work is Dropbox would first redirect you to [...]

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March 15, 2011

How To: Speed Up Your PC Without New Hardware

So you just finished building your first custom PC. You’ve installed all of the state-of-the-art equipment and the latest and greatest operating system. You press the power button for the first time and you are amazed at how fast it loads. It is a truly mesmerizing experience. If you’re a geek you know what I’m talking about. It feels great right? Well get this, you might not be getting the most out of that awesome PC. I myself recently realized that my custom build PC was not running at 100% and that after a few [...]

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March 15, 2011

AT&T to Impose Caps on Home Internet

Broadband Reports has learned that starting May 2nd, AT&T will start imposing bandwidth caps for both DSL and u-Verse internet services. Between March 18th and 31st, AT&T users will receive  notices informing them of the change in the company’s terms of service. AT&T spokesman Seth Bloom confirms to Broadband Reports after initial contact with him last Friday. According to AT&T, the cap will involve overage charges, similar to the ones we see on AT&T mobile devices. However, only users who consistently exceed [...]

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February 25, 2011

Mac App Store to Ignite Mac Gaming

I’ll admit my previous article about the Mac App Store was less than approving. I mentioned five different things that could potentially bring the store to its knees. However, after almost two months the store is alive and well. Maybe not as good as the iOS store, but I see no signs of it failing anytime soon.

I recently began discovering new apps via the Mac App Store, looking around for utilities and things that would make me go wow, but was disappointed to find nothing of interest. I thought at that moment my suspicions [...]

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February 5, 2011

LTE Explained: How It’s Going to Make Mobile Better.

Picture this: you’re sitting at the Super Bowl about to text your buddy about the awesome game. After typing your message and hitting send you are greeted with this message: “The message can not be sent at this time. Please try again later.” Most of us have seen this before and all of us hate it. What exactly causes this? Over congested mobile towers and what seems to be little attempt from the carries to solve this growing problem that leaves hundreds of thousands each day with cellular headaches.

LTE, which [...]

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January 27, 2011

How To: Minimize Wireless Interference

Wireless network connections, also known as “WiFi” make it convenient for users to take advantage of their local network and Internet connection from various areas within their homes.  However, wireless slowdowns and dropouts can cause many headaches and nightmares. Many things in your home can interfere with your wireless network. These devices operate in the 2.4Ghz band, a highly crowded spectrum. To give you an example of how crowded let me list some devices that use 2.4Ghz.

Cordless Telephones. Baby [...]
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