When it comes to using iTunes on Windows…suffice it to say, most people prefer not to. And to be fair, iTunes on macOS is far superior to its Windows counterpart so it’s not hard to see why people would like an alternative application if they are a Windows user. Well, fear not, as today I have a nice iTunes alternative for Windows.

The application is called WinX MediaTrans–yes, I know, the name isn’t the best, but what the name lacks, the app makes up for in features and functionality. WinX MediaTrans allows users to easily replace by offering the ability to transfer data (photos, videos, music, eBooks, voice memos, etc) to and from your computer and iOS device, create iPhone ringtones, and even free your content from DRM.

Let’s go over some of the key features in WinX MediaTrans:

Two-way data transfers

The app makes transferring data between your computer and iOS devices a breeze. It’s literally as simple as click and done. When it comes to music, you can manage your library in addition to sending music to your iOS device. WinX MediaTrans lets you create, modify, and delete playlists and also edit artist information to ensure you have the most accurate ID3 tags. 

WinX MediaTrans music transfers.

You can even transfer music that’s on your iOS device back to your computer by selecting the song and using the built-in Export feature. 

Very similar to the music transfer capabilities, WinX MediaTrans allows you to transfer many more file types as well, including photos, videos, and eBooks. 

WinX MediaTrans photo transfers.

Additionally one of the really nice features of WinX MediaTrans is that it can convert video and audio files that aren’t compatible with your iOS device to the appropriate file format. For example, it can convert a video file that’s an AVI to an MP4 so it’s playable on your iPhone or iPad. 

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In our tests transfers to and from iOS devices as well as video conversions were fast making for a pleasant experience. 

DRM removal

One of perhaps the best features of WinX MediaTrans is its ability to free iTunes DRM protection from content downloaded via iTunes (e.g. videos and music/audio books with the following file types: M4V/M4P/M4A).

WinX MediaTrans DRM removal.

The feature certainly works as advertised, you will be able to play content purchased through iTunes on any device you want once it removes the DRM. However, it’s worth noting that it can DRM removal process can take a while depending on how powerful your computer is. The technology is doing a lot of stuff while it’s running, often times playing back the content and re-recording it (which can potentially degrade the quality, though most people won’t notice the difference) so be advised that removing the DRM on things like movies may take some time. For that reason I’d recommend letting it run at night while you’re sleeping. 

iPhone ringtone creation

Some sites make you pay for ringtones of your favorite songs–you no longer have to shell out any cash to create ringtones from your music library. The ringtone creation tool is a really nifty feature in WinX MediaTrans. 

WinX MediaTrans ringtone creation.

The ringtone creation tool is simple to use and effective. Simply add the song you want to create a ringtone with and selection the portion of the song you wish to use as the ringtone. It’s important to note that ringtones cannot be longer than 40 seconds and the app does a good job at ensuring you don’t exceed the limit. 

Once you select the part of the song you want, you can play it back to make sure you got the part you wanted and then you’re ready to make it a ringtone. It’s really that simple. 

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Use your iPhone and iPad as a flash drive

Did you know your iPhone and/or iPad is pretty much a fancy flash drive? Yep. 

WinX MediaTrans flash drive.

WinX MediaTrans lets you take advantage of that. The app allows you to store files of any kind on your iOS device for access later on. It’s pretty great if you find yourself in need a flash drive and don’t have one, especially because you always have your phone, right? 

Protect your data with encryption 

A relatively new feature (released in late May 2018) in WinX MediaTrans is the ability to encrypt and decrypt photos and videos on your computer. I wasn’t able to tell what kind of encryption the app uses but it does work (at the very least the files are password protected). You can select a photo and/or video and encrypt it by setting a password.

WinX MediaTrans encryption.

Obviously it’s important to remember the password you set as that password is the only way to decrypt the files once they’re protected.

Final thoughts

Overall, WinX MediaTrans is a decent app that works as described. It certainly is capable of replacing iTunes on Windows for those of you who just can’t stand iTunes. And of course, it has some other major benefits like the DRM removal and the ability to turn your iPhone/iPad into a flash drive. 

Buy WinX MediaTrans (Lifetime license)

Buy WinX MediaTrans (1-Year license)

Additionally, the developer of WinX MediaTrans, Digiarty, is running the Back to School giveaway. All you have to do is visit the following page and you can get a free copy of the application: Get licensed copy of WinX MediaTrans.

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