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We’ve been hearing rumors and speculation about Apple’s streaming radio service, iRadio, for a while now. But things really began to pick up steam over the past few weeks when reports suggested that Apple had already agreed to terms with Warner Music Group and Universal Music Group, and was negotiating to get Sony Music on board.

Those negotiations have apparently wrapped up with Sony jumping on the iRadio bandwagon, according to sources for AllThingsD. The terms of the Sony agreement — or for the WMG and UMG agreements, for that matter — are not yet known, but if a deal is indeed in place between the two companies, Apple could very well announce its streaming radio service at its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), which kicks off Monday.

Apple's iRadio music service could launch with iOS 7 at WWDC on Monday. (Photo credit: macstories)
Apple’s iRadio music service could launch with iOS 7 at WWDC on Monday. (Photo credit: macstories)

WWDC is a conference Apple hosts for its Mac and iOS developers, scheduling various sessions to help developers learn the ins and outs of operating system features and APIs. The conference keynote typically serves as a platform for Apple to announce operating system updates and, in many cases, new products. An update to iOS, which powers iPhones, iPod touches and iPads, is already expected to be shown off. Should Apple choose to announce iRadio on Monday, it could sell the service as a brand-new iOS 7 feature.

The same sources that said Sony and Apple had reached a deal also stated that Apple had not yet come to an agreement with Sony/ATV, which is the music publishing arm of Sony. The lack of a deal there could still potentially trip up the launch of iRadio at WWDC, but with the major label deals taken care of, it’s unlikely that Apple would fail to reach a deal with Sony/ATV if it truly wants to announce the service on Monday.

We’ll be keeping a close eye on this story and will keep you up to speed should we hear more. You can also tune in here on Monday, June 10 for our live coverage of Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference.


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