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I’m sure you have all read the possibility that Sony CEO Howard Stringer accidentally leaked the specs of the iPhone 5’s camera in a recent interview when discussing the damage at a Japan factory which manufacturers image sensors for Sony.  And to that I say, is the Howard Stringer that stupid?  I would like to think he isn’t.  Everyone knows Apple keeps product details hush-hush and that failure to do so on the supplier end could cost your company a very lucrative deal.

When Apple buys from its suppliers, they buy a lot.  I find it odd that Sony would jeopardize a chance to be a major supplier for Apple.  So naturally, it would appear that this entire situation is being blown up for headlines and pageviews.  While it’s entirely possible that the iPhone 5 will use a Sony camera (that rumor has been around for a while), I doubt that Stringer would risk the deal with Apple just for some headlines.  Even if it’s too late for Apple to back out of the arrangement now, there’s always iPhone 6, 7, 8, etc.  Sony could be missing out on supplying all future iterations of the iPhone due to their ” accidentally leak.”

Also, let’s not forget that Sony needs Apple more than Apple needs Sony in this situation.  Apple already has a supplier for cameras with OmniVision who currently supply the camera for the iPhone 4 (which sports a pretty good 5MP camera).  Additionally, I’m sure there are many suppliers out there who would love an opportunity to provide for Apple.

Nonetheless, would I like to see a better camera in the iPhone 5?  Sure.  Even though not all of us seem to care, I do.  That being said, I think the iPad 2 needs a better camera more than the iPhone, but that’s a whole different story.  If in fact Sony is supposed to be providing the camera for the iPhone 5 do you think this “slip up” will make Apple change its mind (or think twice) about using Sony in the future?


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