As Rohan pointed out last week, Apple recently discontinued the production and sale of the white MacBook (not “MacBook Pro”, just “MacBook”) notebook computer amidst the official release of OS X Lion and the unveiling of the company’s new hardware offerings.  While some people are critical of this move on Apple’s part, I must say that it really was about time for the MacBook to fade away.  That said, Apple has done quite a bit in terms of hardware in the last few years and the need for the baseline laptop really was small.  With the more mobile-friendly iPad starting at half of the price of the MacBook white and the MacBook Air sitting pretty at the same price point as the now defunct white MacBook prospective buyers have enough options for Apple to no longer need to offer the MacBook.

While that’s fine and dandy, the removal of the MacBook from Apple’s product line leaves one loose string.  The MacBook Pro.  You see, when Apple was still selling the plastic unibody MacBook, the MacBook Pro was a very logical name choice for higher end product.  But with the plastic unibody computers now off the market it really does seem pointless for Apple to have a “Pro” version of a product line that doesn’t have a baseline product.

That said, I realize that Apple still manufactures and sells that MacBook Air.  So I guess Apple could be justified in keeping the “Pro” classification for the popular Macintosh computer.  But in all honesty, I still think that it’s rather silly that Apple would continue to dub the remaining MacBooks as “Pro” even though the reality is that the “Pro” devices aren’t a step up from anything anymore.

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From a marketing perspective, on the other hand, I can easily see why Apple would want to use the “Pro” name.  After all, if the company were to remove the professional classification of the device and simply call it the “MacBook”, users would likely perceive that the company was “dumbing down” the product line.  Assuming that Apple wouldn’t reduce the pricing on the devices if they were to drop the suffix, I honestly think that many people would feel as if Apple was offering a lesser product for the same amount of money.  In the long run, I don’t think it would sell.

The possibility that really intrigues me, though, is the concept that Apple may very well have axed the white MacBook in preparation to revamp the line altogether with a new array of lower end hardware offerings.  If you’ll remember, Apple at one point had a 13″ aluminum unibody MacBook that was not a part of the MacBook Pro product line.  A couple of years back, Apple merged the product into the “MacBook Pro” line, leaving only the white unibody notebook to remain in the recently eliminated line.

So will we be seeing new Apple notebooks?  Will the MacBook line become refreshed?  Or should Apple move the “MacBook Pro” devices over and simply call them “MacBooks?”  Perhaps Apple should just leave things as they are.  What do you think?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

  • its kinda pointless to say what’s there names are called, pro or not.. 
    but I do like the look of the Mac Book White and Black, The Pro look is a little bit cold and too cool haha.
    Besides, Mac Book no pro does provide a pretty good overall performance that meet normal user’s standard, everything you can do a little on Mac Book no pro. 
    The new mac book air start at 999 but it is only 11 inches. WTF? you can buy a 13 inches one before for the same money.
    Mac Book air has only a 1.8 processor, compare to a 2.2 or 2.4 processor on mac book no pro.
    also, the storge for the new mac book air is much lower than mac book no pro. go to the website and see it yourself. The mac book came with 500Gb if I rememberd right. btw, you can never accidently sit on you mac book air because it will break, especially when we are so fat now. It never happend to the tough tough mac book no pro!
    so Apple basicly left people no choice, you either go pro or you go air. although the air book cannot really fully replace the spot where mac book no pro used to fullfilled in. 
    So apple, what are you thinking? starting screw with your costomers so you can make more money by let people buy the expensive pro book for the same quality that mack book no pro can provide? if this is the case, fuck apple in the ass.

  • I think they need to bring back the standard MacBook. They need to give it a Core i5, 4 GB of ram, and then probably fix the problem with the bottom peeling off.
    It would give Mac users a larger variety of computers to choose from, also meaning more Mac products on the want-list, which means more business too. 
    And if they add a black version of it, Now there’s another family of Macs. Think of the difference that would make.
    MacBook family – Got MacBook the #1 selling Mac for years.
    MacBook Pro family of 3 – Got MacBook Pro so popular
    MacBook Air family – Why people want the MacBook Air now.
    So they need to bring back the MacBook. 

  • Hope they will bring it back, make it an aluminium design, a black finish monitor and an 15″ model with i5 prossesor, and why not i7;p

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