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Good afternoon, folks! It’s Sunday, which means it’s Weekend Wrap-Up time. We’re going to look at the most important tech stories from the past week, including news from Microsoft, Google, Nintendo, and Amazon. Ready?

Microsoft Holds Windows 10 Event, Makes a Lot of Announcements

Microsoft held a Windows 10 event this past Wednesday, showing off a lot of really interesting stuff and making a boatload of announcements; so many, in fact, that I’m still trying to process them all. There was news for everyone. Are you an everyday PC user? Check. Are you more focused on business/enterprise? Check. Are you a gamer? Check. I won’t get into it all — that’s what the article is for — but you can look forward to new builds of Windows 10, a new Web browsing experience, Xbox Live on the PC, and much more.

project-nova-googleGoogle Could Become a Wireless Provider with Project Nova

Are you unhappy with your wireless service? Depending on the carrier, Google may not be able to do much on the reception side of things, but the company is reportedly looking into becoming a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) on either Sprint, or T-Mobile, or both. The goal of “Project Nova” is to offer a “data-centric” wireless solution for customers, placing heavy emphasis on giving customers enough data to make use of today’s communications apps. At this point, we have no indication if and when the service would get off the ground, or how much Google would charge and the types of plans it would provide. Perhaps in the next few months we’ll know more.

Club Nintendo Will Close on June 30

Let’s be honest — Club Nintendo hasn’t been that great the past year or two. Perhaps Nintendo realized this, as the company announced the loyalty program would be shut down on June 30 of this year. Those with Club Nintendo coins will need to spend that currency by that point in time. On the plus side, Nintendo told members that it intended to give them items to spend those coins on in the coming months — so maybe we’ll get some nice going away gifts from the big N before June rolls around.

Amazon Plans to Release Films in Theaters

It’s not enough for Amazon to conquer online retail. It’s not enough for Amazon to have successful music, video, and e-book storefronts, and it’s not enough for Amazon to have a popular streaming video service in Prime Instant Video.  No, it’s not enough. Because now Amazon wants to start making movies — like, the kind that you take a date to. Amazon’s plan is to either produce or acquire films that will debut in theaters and make their way to Prime in 30-to-60 days, which is pretty quick. Will it work? Who knows, but it’ll be interesting to see how Netflix counters should Amazon find some success here.



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