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If you want a really good deal on something that is already a really good deal, listen up — Amazon Prime, the company’s subscription/loyalty service, is going on sale for $72 on Saturday. That is tomorrow. And that’s the only day that the discount will stand.

Not familiar with Prime? Long story short, it really decks out your Amazon experience.

Amazon is pretty great on its own. I find the prices consistently beat most retailers, especially when it comes to electronics and media. Customer service is top notch. And the selection is enormous.

What Prime does is help make shopping on the site more lucrative for you. Two-day shipping becomes unlimited and free, so if you order something on Monday, you’ll often times receive it on Wednesday. And if you’re not in a hurry, you can often volunteer to downgrade your shipping speed for an Amazon Video credit of $1.

But there’s more.

A Prime subscription could pay for itself depending on how often you order items. But on top of that feature, you also get a lot of really neat digital perks. For instance, full access to Amazon Instant Video’s Prime streaming library, including original shows. You can also stream music through Prime Music. The Kindle Lending Library lets you borrow one book a month from a pretty decently sized library. And you can store music and photos in the respective lockers that Amazon offers, too.

And there are special VIP sales for Prime members, too, as though the free two-day shipping wasn’t tempting enough.

I imagine that, if you took advantage of all Amazon’s offers through Prime, the value would add up to a pretty large number. That number would likely be significantly larger than the $99 that Prime typically costs per year. Tomorrow, you can get it for a mere $72.

I suggest you do that.

[Source: Gizmodo]


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