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Thanks for checking in to this Sunday’s Weekend Wrap-up, where we get you all caught up on the biggest tech stories from the past week. We have some pretty big ones queued up, so let’s get to it.

The iPhone 5c May Not Be Selling That Well

Since the iPhone 5c launched on Sept. 20, Apple hasn’t released sales numbers for that specific model and there have been several retail promotions offering discounts for the device. Add the fact that we’ve learned Apple is reportedly cutting iPhone 5c production in half and it raises the possibility that the iPhone 5c may not be selling that well. It’s definitely a story we’ll be keeping an eye on over the coming weeks and months.

yahoo-mail-iphoneYahoo Mail Now Offers 1 Terabyte of Storage

Once upon a time, the amount of storage Yahoo offered for Yahoo Mail users was measured in the single digit megabytes. But then Gmail came along and really changed the game in terms of mail storage space. This past week, Yahoo raised its storage offering to far surpass Google’s, setting aside 1 terabyte for every single Yahoo Mail user. Along with the 1 terabyte for Flickr users, it totals 2 terabytes for Yahoo’s major services compared to Google’s 15 gigabytes.

Twitter and Comcast Introduce a ‘See It’ Button for Live TV

Twitter and TV go together quite well, but aside from users tweeting each other about what’s happening on the tube, Twitter hasn’t really worked to integrate TV in any other way — that is, until this past week, when Twitter and Comcast rolled out a “See It” button. The button can be shown on both the desktop and on mobile and will let Comcast customers tune in to live streams of TV shows. For Comcast, it’s the first time I can recall the company offering a TV live stream. For Twitter, it could present yet another source for revenue in the future.

T-Mobile Eliminates International Data and Texting Fees

T-Mobile has really been trying to change the game in wireless, first by doing away with two-year contract plans and then separating monthly payments for smartphones from those plans. Now, the company is shaking things up again by doing away with international fees for data and text messaging. For texts, users can now send and receive unlimited messages for free. There is a catch with the data, though — while it is unlimited, data access is only possible on a 2G network. Still, that’s better than paying a fee and outrageous access charges.


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