As a publisher myself, I am continually caught up with the content battle. Content on any site must be relevant, exciting, and to the point. However, as the digital landscape evolves, many publishers can feel lost on how to reach their audience and remain relevant.

video-adsMany times digital publishers are left with questions on how to not only find relevant content, but also how to present it. With the mobile world radically changing how readers all things digital, publishing formats must adapt and change along with media consumption habits. How subject matter gets presented to viewers must be a natural experience. This is especially important in terms of mobile, which is a particularly challenging setup for publishers given the explosion of formats to consider. Thus, not only does the content on mobile need to feel native to the viewer, but it must also match the different types of format that our now social world has created.

In order to solve these issues, publishers should find one solution that not only takes mobile readership into account, but helps with all their programming needs. Sekindo, for example, is a technologically advanced digital platform for video, online display, and mobile advertising. By creating its own technology, Sekindo claims to provide a proprietary platform that helps publishers place advertisements on any type of digital inventory. The company says it can give publishers a unique monetization solution as well as a complete, advanced digital advertising solution to its clients. Thus with Sekindo, ads on digital platforms can look and feel native to the viewer.

Sekindo’s platform aims to take into account every aspect of advertising subjects for the video publisher, so that issues such as video size and the differentiation of pre-rolls versus in-banner ads isn’t something the publisher needs to deal with. However, an issue that companies such as Sekindo may face in the future is the ever changing landscape of the mobile world. Programmers must stay up to date with all the different formats that are created, as new types of video content are created daily.

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Overall, the combination of mobile dominance and video content has left publishers in the midst of an advertising evolution. However, by focusing on what the audience wants to see, and by finding the right company to make the aspect of advertising formats more simple, publishers can evolve while having a deep impact on their viewership.

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