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Parents may have difficulty distinguishing between their children’s use of the mobile phone and the abuse of these devices. Because although it is a topic that worries more and more the parents. Although many still have nothing clear and wonder how to detect if my son is addicted to mobile.

According to a survey conducted by Common Sense Media, half of the American teenagers are addicted to these devices. And at least seventy-eight percent recognize that they watch the mobile, for less, every hour. In this same line, seventy-two percent say they feel pressured to respond immediately to text messages. Also, check the notifications that arrive on social networks.

The constant reception of messages and notifications can affect the normal development of children’s daily activities. Although identifying if the abusive behavior shows that my son is addicted to the mobile, it is not always so easy.

The parents must control the applications that their children have in the mobile and the use that each child makes of them. In this sense, parents may find some difficulty in distinguishing whether adolescents make correct use or are abusing. Especially because these devices are used both at school and in their free time.

How to detect it?

There are some questions that can guide parents about children addicted to technology. Has the adolescent’s behavior changed suddenly and shows symptoms of anxiety or irritability? Or do they stay angry, and even show aggressive behavior if they are without a mobile or can not use it? Do they not have a social life because of the time you spend using your mobile phone?

Another very clear indication is if they neglect their hygiene or the use of the telephone interferes with your daily activities such as sleep. The lies, hiding or breaking the family rules for being for more time connected are also warning signs.

Control the use with mobile phone parental controls

Parents with teenagers should make the effort to understand where, how and why, their children invest their time with the smartphone. It is important to detect possible imbalances produced by these devices for a longer period of time than an afternoon or a week.

There are mobile phone parental controls that help parents control the time their children spend on their mobile phones.

The one worth mentioning here is the FamilyTime app that lets parents:

  1. Monitor the browsing history of your teen with the date and time stamps.
  2. Watch their bookmarks and favorites saved in the browser
  3. Check how long visited a specific site.
  4. Monitor the apps installed on their devices.
  5. Check their app preference by looking at their app usage frequency.
  6. Block unwanted apps, especially the ones that they are addicted to and try to engage them in board games that are played with family,
  7. Put auto screen locks on their device and manage their screen time efficiently. You can schedule the screen lock during bed time and school hours so they don’t stick to their devices at the time of other activities.
  8. Remotely lock their phone whenever you find them immersed in the screen to restrict the device access instantly.

The app offers everything you may need to help curb mobile phone addiction of your kid–it’s definitely worth checking out if you feel your child is spending way too much time on his or her phone.


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