It’s the Apple way: that which was made thin shall be made thinner. According to a report from BGR, an outer casing mock-up of an iPad Air 2 may have been leaked. A video was published that compared the dummy model to a first-generation iPad Air, and — get ready for the shock of your life — the supposed next-generation iPad Air got a trim.

ipad-air-2-measuredThe mocked-up outer shell is noticeably thinner than the previous model iPad, which itself was much, much thinner than the fourth-generation model. This is typical Apple protocol, but seeing it happen isn’t any less surprising. How does the company continue to shrink its products?

That’s not all we can take away from this mock-up. Apple’s Touch ID fingerprint scanning technology, which first appeared on the iPhone 5s, also makes an appearance. The omission of Touch ID was somewhat of a surprise from the first-gen iPad Air and the second-generation iPad mini, so the idea that it could make an appearance this year isn’t that far fetched.

There also appear to be redesigned buttons and speakers. These aren’t necessarily problem areas for the iPad Air, but improvements will be nonetheless welcomed.

Is this mock-up a surefire indicator of what the iPad Air 2 holds in store? I don’t think anyone can say that’s the case. We’re still months away from the likely unveiling of a next-generation iPad, and a lot could change between now and the date when Apple introduces the product. But Apple, a company that used to pride itself on its secrecy, has been especially leaky over the past few years. We’ve seen leaked photos and mock-up devices come out months before a product’s announcement and come frighteningly close to matching the look of the final design.

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At one time, I might have dismissed this as a silly rumor and told everyone to wait for the actual product. Now? I’m willing at least pay some attention.

Do you think this could be the look of the next-generation iPad? Let us know by leaving a comment.

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