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Until the iPhone 6 Plus dropped on September 19, the largest phone Apple fans had to choose from touted a 4-inch display. The iPhone 5s, Apple’s last-generation iPhone, was small but sturdy. It fit into pockets perfectly. You never heard stories about people bending it by accident.

The iPhone 6 Plus? That’s a whole other story. The 5.5-inch display makes the phone substantially larger, and more difficult to fit into tight spots. And because people are trying to fit this larger iPhone into places that smaller iPhones used to call home, some are finding their iPhones slightly bent when they pull them back out of their pockets. Apple blog MacRumors wrote a story about this phenomenon today.

The issues at play here seem to be both the size of the phone and its thin profile. Because the iPhone 6 Plus is larger, it covers a larger area in the pocket. Any movement, really, means the phone is more likely sit in a place that is bending. This is especially true when someone is sitting down with the iPhone in a back pocket. And the thinness of the iPhone 6 Plus means that any bending is likely to do more damage to the phone.

Here’s a photo of how an iPhone 6 Plus could bend, courtesy of hanzoh of the MacRumors message boards.


On top of that, Unbox Therapy decided to do a bend test to see if the iPhone really would bend as was being reported. You can catch the results by watching the video below.

What do you think? Will this turn into a legitimate issue for Apple, or is this to be expected with larger phones like the 6 Plus? Leave your thoughts below.

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