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I told you in my last post on the latest smash hit iPhone app – I Am T-Pain how it sold 30,000 copies on the first day in the App Store.  Well, now the latest numbers are in and in the course of 3 weeks, the app has been sold over 300,000 times.  That’s pretty insane.  But, what is even more insane are these numbers released by Smule (the company who created the app).  The average user spends around 66 minutes within the application — that is an absolutely ludicrous number of time to spend with one application.  To date, 4.1 million performances have been recorded using the app.

I’m sure T-Pain and Smule are pretty happy with these numbers (who wouldn’t be).  To show their appreciation, Smule will be launching a big promotion which will put even more fuel on the sales fire and have a bit of fun in the process. They are encouraging users to shoot their own “I’m On A Boat” music videos, featuring the I Am T-Pain app, in exchange for a shot at some cash.  Users are free to use the original lyrics, or make up their own.

Contest Details:

  • Each week for 10 weeks, one finalist will be chosen. Each finalist gets $500 bucks and a set of Grillz gold teeth modeled after T-Pain’s
  • Smule’s favorite (as determined by video views, originality, humor, and other aspects of a”T-Pain induced Smulean algorithm”) entry at the end of the 10 weeks will take home $5,000 and a $47 replica of T-Pains $410,000 “Big Ass Chain”

And to think, Jay Z and others are (were) talking about the death of AutoTune.  By the way, I’m working with Mandy on a “I’m On A Boat” video for the contest so be on the look out for it and if you are thinking of entering, leave a comment with a link to your video.



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