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Mark your calendars, folks; Apple has set the date for its next Worldwide Developers Conference. According to CNET, WWDC will take place June 2-6, 2014, at Moscone West in San Francisco.

Developers or those who simply want to attend can sign up for tickets, which will be issued randomly. Those who are selected to go will be notified by 5 p.m. Pacific on April 7.

apple-logo-300x180The Worldwide Developers Conference has typically been a big event for Apple. In recent years, we’ve seen new versions of iOS unveiled, as well as hardware updates for products like the MacBook Air.

This year’s show is especially interesting, because rumor has it that Apple plans to release a newer Apple TV within the next few months. If it shows up before WWDC, or at WWDC, we could get our first in-depth look at what Apple has in store for it. If Apple plans to allow third-party development, there’s really no better place to push that forward than at WWDC.

Other than that, seeing a beta build of iOS 8 wouldn’t be a surprise, nor would seeing some kind of refresh for the MacBook Air line. There’s been talk of the Air finally being brought into the Retina family, though it would be interesting to see how such a move would affect the battery life and the price of those machines.

If you have your heart set on going to WWDC this year, again, there are no promises. The event has become so popular that a lottery is the only fair way to distribute tickets, so you’ll have to register and hope you’re picked before you can pony up the $1,599 for a ticket.

What do you think we’ll see at Apple’s WWDC this year? An update to iOS? Some new hardware? Something completely unexpected? Leave us a comment below with your best guess.


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