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We are just two days aware from the big Samsung event where the company will be announcing the Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy Gear (smartwatch).  Yesterday, VentureBeat published an article showing off what they said was the Galaxy Gear, only to later be dismissed as a prototype of the Galaxy Gear by GigaOM.  Prototype or not, those images got me thinking: the Samsung Galaxy Gear is literally the first tech product (since 2007) Samsung is creating without having seen Apple’s own take prior to releasing their version (unless there is some corporate espionage going on that we aren’t aware of).

If we look solely at smartphones and tablets, the original iPhone came out in 2007, the original iPad was released in 2010, both of those were the real “first entrants” into the modern day smartphone and tablet market.  Apple set the stage in terms of what users would expect from these devices, from usage to essential features, etc.  We all know about the Apple/Samsung lawsuits and how Apple believes Samsung copied a lot of its hard work and designs.  Now that Samsung is releasing its Galaxy Gear smartwatch before anyone else, it really gives them a chance to set the stage — the question is: will they?

Based on those prototypes (and who know what iteration of prototype those photos are), the Galaxy Gear looks like a clunker and most likely not something I would wear on my wrist. I’m really interested to see the final version though, to me, it will truly show whether or not Samsung can innovate on its own, you know, without a little help from Apple.

Let me be clear though, I’m not saying Samsung can’t innovate, there are clearly a lot of smart people at that company, but it will be interesting to see the final version of the Galaxy Gear and all that it offers/looks like.  Samsung has a rare chance here to own the smartwatch market, they will either come away gloriously or have Apple steal their spotlight and thunder when it releases the iWatch.

What do you think? Will Samsung’s Galaxy Gear impress?


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