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Listening to music from our favorite musicians is one of the best ways to pass time. As soon as new albums are released, everyone is excited and wants to listen to it. On the internet, you can download anything on your laptops, tablets, cell phones etc. However, this is not always legal. So, here is the review of Audials Music Rocket 2017, a useful and legal, app that lets you easily record music and music streams.

Audials Music Rocket 2017 allows users to record music fast and completely legal, as well as listen to some 100,000 radio stations and/or podcasts as well as music television. It supports main stream types like MP3, AAC, and WMA. Music is central in many people’s lives (including my own!). If you can’t imagine life without music, this app is for you.

So how does Audials Music Rocket work? It records songs from international internet radio stations as well as allows you to search for specific songs. Audials Music Rocket browses legal music platforms for your request and delivers you a list of results. Record individual songs or the entire album of your favorite musicians at the push of the button. Keep in mind, the availability for less popular music may be limited.

Furthermore, current rock, pop, dance or 80s chart hits can be downloaded in by selecting Music Search or Music Wishes. Afterwards, the software adds automatically the lyrics, ID3 tags as well as cover art to all recorded songs. The media center then helps users to manage the music collection, organize music in the cloud, or transfer it to mobile devices.

Additional features include the ability to create as many favorite station playlists as you want and even blacklist and remove the unwanted stations. As mentioned you can also view music TV channels.

While Audials does an excellent job at recording the audio from the streams, it’s important to remember that if sound quality is of great importance to you, you may also want to consider purchasing the actual song or album.

Overall, Audials Music Rocket is a nice option for people looking to get some of their favorite tunes for free. You can try Audials Music Rocket for free with the demo version or buy the full version for a $39.90.


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