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We told you last week about how Google was punishing lyrics website Rap Genius for using spammy SEO tactics, but now we have some new information that shows just how bad Rap Genius is hurting (traffic wise) after Google released the kraken on them.  Check out the Quantcast data below (the data is verified which means these numbers should be correct).

rap-genius-traffic-plummets traffic courtesy of Quantcast.

Prior to Google punishing the site for its spammy SEO tactics it was seeing almost 800,000 visits per day. Now, is seeing around 100,000 visits per day. That’s quite a hit. It’s crazy how Google can make or break a website so easily.  RapGenius does have $15 million in the bank and is apparently planning enterprise products–I don’t think a lyrics website business was the ultimate endgame, so I don’t know exactly how freaked out they are, but still this has to sting.

Moral of the story? Don’t piss Google off.

Update: Google has reportedly lifted its banhammer on Rap Genius. The company had all of its “spammy SEO” links removed or set to “nofollow” which appeased the Google Gods. The site should start reappearing in Google results shortly.


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