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The smartwatch market isn’t exactly saturated at this point, but that doesn’t mean the Pebble isn’t a good entry. In fact, when compared to watches from Samsung and Sony, I feel comfortable calling the Pebble the winner thus far. It’s a great way to feel like you’re connected even if your phone never leaves your pocket and, in the Black Friday spirit, Pebble is offering a discount on its smartwatch to entice shoppers.

pebble-268x300By visiting the Pebble website through this link, you can snatch one up at a $20 discount, bringing the Pebble down to $130. The deal is on for both November 28 (Thanksgiving) and November 29 (Black Friday) and looks to be online-only through A search for the Pebble at its only retail location, Best Buy, has the smartwatch still selling for the standard $150.

Much like I stated in my two-month review, I can only speak to the Pebble’s value as an iPhone owner. But even in spite of the more closed-off iOS ecosystem, I’m still finding ways the Pebble is useful to me. And thanks to the introduction of iOS 7, which gives developers more hooks into the OS, there are more Pebble-focused apps in the App Store that allow the watch to do more.

I know you’re all busy right now with your turkey and football, and a $20 discount isn’t the crazy type of cut we’re all used to seeing on Black Friday, but this is probably the best opportunity to get a cheaper Pebble. This isn’t the typical big electronics company that can offer big cuts and make up the lost profits elsewhere — the Pebble is really all it does. If you’ve been eyeing a smartwatch, hop on it.

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