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Just as Mega teased earlier this month, Mega is continuing their domination of the cloud file sharing market with the release of their new Mega for iOS application. Competing heavily with the immensely popular Dropbox service and app, Mega for iOS allows users to browse, view, and share their entirely cloud library. The new application, which follows the release of Mega for Android over four months ago now, supports a wide range of file formats including photos, videos, text, and more.

Mega for iOS supports much of the advanced Mega experience you know and love (or don’t love) from the web, such as shared file imports. Unfortunately, the new application stops short of supporting photo synchronization or iPad support just yet, however Mega has promised that updates will be along the way in due time; we can’t imagine Mega will want to lag in the shadow of Dropbox for too long. Interested? You can download the new Mega for iOS application on the App Store today – oh, and it’s free, too.

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