Microsoft Will Soon Let Developers Respond to Your Windows Phone App Review

Perhaps you're a mobile application developer, frustrated at a particularly annoying review stuck on your precious app's product page that just spews out vicious misinformation, turning potential customers off for no good reason. Or maybe you're just an end user who has a really, really important question for a developer, … [Read more...]

Tor Could Cut Down on Capacity Due to Heartbleed

Heartbleed, the horrible little security exploit that has caused nearly mass panic and confusion across the entirety of the internet over the past couple of days, has taken another victim - web anonymizing service Tor. Tor relies on a network of donated servers located across the entire world, and as it turns out, "about … [Read more...]

Reports Say Yahoo & Microsoft Both Gunning for Google’s Search Spot on iOS

There’s an interesting relationship between Apple and Google. The two companies need each other; Apple needs to provide its users with access to Google’s great, in-demand services, and Google needs those users on its services since it clearly can’t get them hooked in with Android. But it’s probably not a very happy marriage … [Read more...]

Twitter Bets on Facebook-Style Install Ads to Bring in Revenue

You can call it copying or you can call it borrowing, but the “swapping” of ideas between Facebook and Twitter over the past year has been fascinating to see unfold. Facebook copied Twitter’s hashtags and trending topics, and then Twitter copied Facebook’s profile pages and automatic image loading. Now, Twitter is … [Read more...]

The PlayStation 4 is Selling So Well, Even Sony is Surprised

Sony’s latest home game console, the PlayStation 4, has only been available for just shy of 6 months, and its success is unprecedented. As of April 6th, the company reported that it has sold a whopping 7 million consoles worldwide in more than 72 countries/regions, largely beating even their own predictions. That’s a lot … [Read more...]

Try this Now! Chrome Remote Desktop App Accesses PCs from Android Devices

This is pretty great: today, Google launched Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android devices that makes accessing your desktop PC or Mac remotely supremely easy. It’s exactly what it sounds like: any compatible Android device can access a PC or Mac computer that’s online and has the companion Chrome App installed. After … [Read more...]

Google Confirms $50 Project Ara Modular Smartphone for Jan 2015

Ever since its announcement late last year, we’ve been eagerly scooping up any and all news about Google’s Project Ara, a customizable, modular smartphone. Yesterday at Google’s first Project Ara developer’s conference, the company officially announced its plans to release the phone in January of 2015 for the low-low price … [Read more...]

You Can Now Manage Your Kindle Personal Documents from Amazon Cloud Drive

Users of the Kindle Personal Documents feature: get ready to breathe a sigh of relief. Amazon announced early this morning via email that it has upgraded the feature to allow file management via Amazon Cloud Drive. Previously, Kindle owners had to access a clunkier management tool on the Amazon website, which only … [Read more...]

Leaked Photos and Specs for Amazon’s 3D Smartphone Hit the Web

Hot on the heels of reports that Amazon’s smartphone would utilize four front-facing cameras to achieve glasses-free 3D visuals, a new report on BGR today doubles down on those rumors. According to the post—which includes supposed photos of an unreleased prototype in a protective case—the phone will have a total of six … [Read more...]

For One Day Only, Google Glass Opens to the Masses

Since its launch, the Google Glass experiment has been fairly exclusive. The initial units went out to a select few. The next batch went out to those who could both secure an invite from a current Glass owner, and could also pony up $1,500 for the headsets. Today, for one day only, Google is opening the doors to anyone … [Read more...]

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