Roku Redesigns its iPhone App, Adds Cross-Service Search

One of my favorite parts of the Roku interface -- and one I've seen used in other interfaces, like those on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One -- is its cross-service content search. This feature, which lets you look for a TV show or movie and see all the streaming services you can watch it on, has now come to Roku's … [Read more...]

One of Two iPhone 6 Versions Could Release this Fall, Analysts Say

Another day, another iPhone 6 rumor churning through the tech industry mill. Today, a report out of Barron’s indicates that Apple is prepping to launch one of its two iPhone 6 models as early as Fall 2014. The news comes from a research note made by UBS analyst Steve Milunovich, who specifically claims … [Read more...]

Are You Lonely or Looking for Some New Friends? Skout Wants to Help.

You may not have heard of Skout but it's actually one of the oldest and largest mobile (iOS and Android) social networks.  The company is in its eighth year of operation and has 220 million users in over 180 different countries.  Skout focuses on helping connect people, allowing users to make new friends in … [Read more...]

Sony is Making a “Cyber-Thriller” Movie About the Target Security Breach

These days, Hollywood is constantly on the look out for the next hit movie, and Sony hopes they've got it. According to NBC News, Sony has purchased the rights to a New York Times article regarding how the Target security breach came to light - and what else might they be doing but making a movie about … [Read more...]

Apple Exploring Streaming TV Service through Partnership with Comcast

News broke this morning that Apple, one of the global leaders in consumer computing technology, is in talks with Comcast, one of the world’s largest cable providers, to bring Apple set-top boxes to the living rooms of Comcast customers. In a nutshell, Apple wants to get into the market of live television … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Acquisition of Nokia Set To Finalize Sometime in April

It's been a little while since we've heard anything in the way of an official update regarding Microsoft's acquisition of Nokia's handset business, but today both parties are finally providing a long awaited update. According to a post on "The Official Microsoft Blog", the two companies expect for the deal to … [Read more...]

ThirdLove Told Me I Should Be Wearing a Bigger Bra (And They Were Right)

I had no idea.  I mean, I always thought I was wearing the right sized bra, but according to ThirdLove's app to help women accurately measure their bra size, I was way off.  And I'm not alone.  Approximately 80 percent of women are wearing the wrong sized bra, but ThirdLove has found a way to change … [Read more...]

Another Huge HTC Video Leak Shows Off Duo Camera’s Power

By now, we’ve gotten about 500 close looks at the All New One from HTC, the follow-up to the company’s flagship phone from 2013. And even though HTC will be unveiling the phone at an event in New York City tomorrow, another massive leak about the phone has hit the web, this time in the form of a 14-minute … [Read more...]

Google Refuses to Make Gov’t Robots, DARPA Prefers Bing Anyway

Back in December, news got out about Google’s big push to enter the field of robotics: former Android boss Andy Rubin was promoted to head the robotics division, while the company scooped up bunches of robotics companies in the United States and Asia. But it seems that those acquisitions have created … [Read more...]

Weekend Wrap-Up: Google Unveils Android Wear; Mt. Gox Finds 200,000 Bitcoins

It's Sunday, which means we're once again filling you in on the past week's top tech stories. That's right -- it's Weekend Wrap-Up time. Buckle in and watch our video version below, or scroll down a bit further to read what went on last week in the tech world. Android Wear: Google's Take on the Smart … [Read more...]

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