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We’ve been hearing word of a new Nexus branded tablet that would sit between LG’s Nexus 7 and Samsung’s Nexus 10 in Google’s lineup for quite some time now, and today we’re getting an update on the oft promised device from none other than DigiTimes. According to the popular blog, which has scored a number of exclusive scoops over the years, longtime Google partner HTC will be producing the device, which is slated to launch sometime this summer.

Many consider a Nexus 8 to be an essential step towards competing with Apple’s iPad mini, which has exploded in popularity since its introduction last fall. DigiTimes claims that HTC was chosen to produce the Nexus 8 as the company wanted a distinct new design for the device rather than an evolution of the Nexus 7 or Nexus 10’s designs.

Google is expected to announce a significant chunk of Android news at its upcoming Google I/O Developer Conference, which takes place on June 25th. Recent rumors have suggested that we’ll be seeing some updates on Android Wear, Google Glass, and the next version of Android – perhaps we can finally make the Nexus 8 a solid entry to that list? Google traditionally launches significant new versions of Android alongside new hardware, so this could make a lot of sense.

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