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Just days after leaks regarding Apple’s budget-priced iPhone were apparently confirmed, it seems that more leaks of upcoming Apple products are hitting the web. Over on FanaticFone, there are images purported to be of the rear casing for the upcoming iPad 5. Along with the images, some interesting details have come to light that shine some light on what Apple’s got in store for its customers later this year.

According to the FanaticFone post, the dimensions of the back housing is 24 centimeters by 16.8 centimeters—revealing the next iPad to be somewhat smaller than the current-generation of iPad, which is 24 by 18.6 centimeters. In addition, the new iPad’s bezel—that non-touch-enabled space between the screen and the edge of the device—will be smaller as well.

While trying to finish up this post, I’ve had the damndest time trying to find measurements for the iPad 4’s bezel, but the FanaticFone post assures me that the iPad 5’s new bezel, measuring at 3 millimeters, is narrower than that of its current-gen predecessor. The device’s dimensions aren’t the only new aspects for the iPad 5. Apparently the speakers will also be moved to the bottom of the device.  All in all, this makes for an upgraded device that’s starting to slim down and look more like the iPad Mini.

It would seem that the screen-size will remain relatively similar to previous generations of iPad, since the shrunken bezel will compensate for the overall narrower frame. Essentially, it’ll be more screen, less device. If these photos are to be believed, it sure does seem like Apple is scaling things down.

Compare this news of a smaller iPad to that of the budget-priced iPhone. Things are getting smaller and smaller, and potentially cheaper. It seems as though the iPad’s new design—and the new, lower-priced options for the iPhone—are meant to bring the company’s gadget offerings closer in line with those of its competitors. I still maintain that cheaper, plastic-backed iPhones are going in the wrong direction, since the iPhone was always part smartphone, part status symbol. Slimming down the iPad, bringing it closer to the iPad Mini’s dimensions, seems like it may be going too far in the other direction. To me, part of what made the iPad appealing in the first place was its largesse: it was big and bold without ever being ostentatious. Part of me feels like slimming it down could reduce some of the ‘wow’ factor.

That said, let it be known that I am speculating wildly. I literally have no idea whether or not the slimmed-down iPad will be any less wow-full than the current iteration of the device. At this point, we need to wait and see what, if anything, Apple reveals later this year.

What do you think? Do you want your iPad to go on a diet? Or do you like a wider iPad with more space to rest your thumbs?

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