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Today, social media giant Twitter struck a new partnership with the NFL, one that will inject significantly more good old American football into your ever-updating feed. The new deal will enable you to see more game clips, scores, and “video packages” like highlights, play analysis, and fantasy football tips embedded in sponsored tweets.

This new feature is tied in with Twitter’s advertising-focused Amplify service, which was introduced last May, and allows users to keep up with what’s happening on television by keeping their eyes glued to Twitter throughout the program. It’s been largely labeled as “second screen viewing,” and both the National Football League and Twitter want a hearty slice of it.

As for specifics, the NFL will edit together highlight clips and other bite-sized videos, and distribute them on Twitter as sponsored tweets. Each tweet will be paired with a short advertisement (of course), feasibly one equivalent (or at least similar) to an ad shown on the televised game you’re following.

The premiere advertiser among this fledgling group is Verizon, who has the exclusive sponsorship rights to Amplify ads during next year’s Super Bowl, according to the NFL. The league plans to have another national sponsor very soon, so don’t you worry.

No arrival time has been slated for this new feature to go into effect, but given the large potential audience at hand that’s just ready to be advertised to, you likely won’t have to wait much longer.

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