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We’ve already seen some images and video of the next-generation Nexus 7 pop up, and we’ve even seen leaked information from Staples stating the device will launch at that store on July 31. But we now have two new pieces of information that give us a closer look at Google’s next tablet, when it’ll go on sale and how much it’ll cost — press shots courtesy of @evleaks and a Best Buy ad published by PhoneArena.

Photo credit: @evleaks
Photo credit: @evleaks

The press shots, which can be seen on the right, show that the Nexus 7 is gaining a couple of new hardware features.

For starters, there is now a rear-facing camera on the device. Tablet photo takers are few and far between, but it’s always nice to have the option in a pinch.

There are now two speakers on the back of the device, as well — one on the top and one on the bottom. When the Nexus 7 is held in landscape (for movies, TV, games, etc.) this placement makes more sense, as the speakers move to the sides.

And, for those who love the notification light on their Android smartphone, it looks like the Nexus 7 will be getting one of those, too.

The Best Buy ad confirms a couple of things we’ve already heard about the next-gen Nexus 7. The price will indeed come in at $229, the display resolution is a very high 1,920 x 1,200 and the base model will pack 16 GB of storage space.

The ad doesn’t mention anything about the Nexus 7’s processor, though the previous Staples leak suggested that the device would have a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor. Also, unlike the Staples ad, which states the Nexus 7 will launch on Wednesday, July 31, the Best Buy ad says the device will be available on Tuesday, July 30.

All in all, the Nexus 7 refresh looks pretty impressive. The price did jump about $30, but considering the update to the display and the inclusion of a rear camera, that extra cash may be worth paying. And that’s just based on leaks — there could be other Nexus 7 features we may not know about until Wednesday’s breakfast event with Android chief Sundar Pichai.

Based on what you’ve seen so far, does the Nexus 7 look like a good buy? Let us know what you think.

Header image credit: PhoneArena


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