It seems as though HTC’s newest advertising strategy has taken the form of staging leaks. That’s one of the only logical conclusions for just how many photos and videos have hit the web purporting to show off the follow up to the HTC One smartphone, which is likely going to be revealed on March 25. This weekend, yet more images of the phone have leaked onto the Internet, getting tech-watchers all excited about what looks like it’ll be one of the more desirable Android handsets to come out in 2014.

This time around, close-up photos of the One’s successor—which some believe will be called the All New One, but which I think will be logically named the HTC Two—have shown up on the web courtesy of leakers out in China. Meanwhile, the ever-reliable @evleaks Twitter account has posted and image of some interesting looking LED cases. Take a look:


The covers show an LED-based digital clock and weather readout, which, really, is stylish as hell. Phones usually aren’t sold on the strength of their cases, but it’s hard to ignore the cool factor that those are showing off. And the case would also seem to give users the ability to check the time without having to turn on their phone’s display, meaning that it’ll likely save battery power in addition to looking fancy.

Interestingly, the cases also seem to offer up a hole for the front-facing camera. Could there be a dedicated photo button which will let you take pictures without having to open up the case? The HTC EVO 4G LTE did, and that was one of that phone’s best little additions that is sorely lacking from other smartphones.

Why is using smartphones now more popular than desktops?

At the end of the day, the photos don’t give us too much more than we already had: the new phone will sport a dual camera on the back, and that’s likely going to be one of the biggest features that sets it apart from the competition. Hopefully HTC will offer up some more details about what the two lenses will do sooner rather than later.

Take a look at all the photos below.

[Sources: GSMArena, @evleaks]

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