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Summer celebrations are starting early this year! With Memorial Day Weekend right around the corner, video presentation app, mmhmm is kicking off an eight week campaign titled mmhmm Summer. The mmhmm team has been hard at work improving the app over the past year (can you believe mmhmm has been around a year already?), including focusing on how to be sure you’re always giving the best performance possible, whether you’re in a high-pressure live environment or trying to record the perfect continuous take – and this is where the company's latest feature rollouts come in.

Introducing mmhmm Chunky

Before we get any further, I'll address the question you're dying to ask: why "chunky"? Here's why: mmhmm Chunky divides your video into “chunks,” expanding your recording capability within those chunks so you don’t have to do a continuous long take. Each moment can be designed, streamlined, and performed to your exact standards so that you can present the ideal performance every single time. And you know what? It works, very very well.

In a Zoom call with mmhmm founder, Phil Libin, he demoed the latest features to me, quickly breezing through various features with ease, including swapping previously recorded video into new slides or updating older slides even if the presentation has already been published online. "The stuff we do on video we should do because it's better, not because we have to," he told me – and I agree. The only way mmhmm gains massive adoption is if it can provide a better experience for end users when they're presenting.

One thing is clear though: Phil's presentation skills are top notch. During our Zoom, he filled me on the five key new features that will be rolling out during mmhmm Summer:

Streaming on site

With Chunky, you can stream both live and prerecorded presentations directly from mmhmm. (If you watched the keynote, you got a sneak peek at mmhmm’s new streaming feature.) Don’t worry—mmhmm will still work with Zoom, Google Meet, and other video platforms.


Show everyone the perfect version of your talk by choosing between a live presentation and a pre-recorded chunk. Now you can literally sip your coffee off-screen, and stop playback when you need to respond to questions and, if you wear the same thing as in the pre-recorded video, no one would ever know! Pretty nifty.

Copilot 2.0 - teleport yourself

In mmhmm Chunky, you can place two speakers in a single mmhmm stage. It's like teleporting your chat companion onto the screen right next to you for a new way to talk one-on-one, or join a partner on the virtual stage for a fireside chat that you can broadcast to many, while you both share control over what your audience sees.


Think of Loaf as mmhmm's Netflix for Work. It's a home base for all video recordings in your organization. This is going to be especially useful for companies as video continues to become the new defacto way to hold meetings. According to Phil, the team plans to continually develop Loaf as it gathers more data and can fine tune recommendations for content you need to watch.

App updates

mmhmm started as an app for Mac and recently opened up a Windows beta to everyone, but in the coming weeks and months the company will be releasing versions of the app on iOS devices, Android devices, and basically anywhere you’re making and sharing videos.

I'll admit, I was impressed by the demo Phil gave me. The seamlessness of the transitions between slides, pre-recorded and live, and everything in between was slick af. I've been a fan of the app for a while so it's really great to see how it's progressing, especially as we move to a much more hybrid and remote work environment. If you haven't yet tried out mmhmm, it's definitely worth taking a look. Pricing starts at free, but costs $8.33/month for a yearly subscription which will unlock most of the features.

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