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The Xbox One is still lacking when it comes to “Arcade” titles (seriously, where is The Walking Dead?), but one popular game from the Xbox 360 is preparing to make the next-gen leap — Minecraft.

Mojang, the company behind the game, is looking to bring its blocky world builder to the Xbox One this August. Just hearing that Minecraft is on its way to the Xbox One might be enough for some people, but there are actually two great pieces of news to go along with the announcement.

minecraft-logoThe first is that Mojang built data transfer into the Xbox One version of the game, so those who previously played on the Xbox 360 can move their data over to the Xbox One and not have to start their Minecraft building from scratch.

The second bit of news has to do with price. Minecraft is going to cost $19.99, which isn’t a bad price. But if you already own the Xbox 360 version of the game, you’ll only have to pay $4.99 to upgrade and download the Xbox One version. And the ability to upgrade extends out for a year. So, if you decide in July 2015 that you want to upgrade from the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft to the Xbox One version, you’ll still be able to do so at that $4.99 price point.

I don’t want to front and say I’ve spent a great deal of time playing Minecraft, but I certainly appreciate the loyal following that the game (and Mojang, the developer) has built up. And, as an Xbox One owner, I’m always happy to see more games coming out for the system. I’m hoping that this game isn’t the last Xbox Live Arcade game we see being ported over to Microsoft’s next-gen console.

What do you think about Minecraft coming out for the Xbox One? Will you download it or are you content with the Xbox 360 version? Drop us a line with your thoughts.

[Source: Microsoft]

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