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Microsoft is launching a new website today which it hopes will spur discussion on key technology policy debates about privacy, security, competition, cloud computing, intellectual property rights and other topics. The site includes opinion articles, a calendar of events and a blog. The topics up for discussion also include patents, licensing, software and services, antitrust, economic growth and the knowledge economy.

The which is called TAP (Technology Academics Policy) can be found at  The goal of TAP is to promote academic research and facilitate substantive debates around several areas that impact the world of technology.  Microsoft has partnered with several law schools including Stanford, Berkeley, Northwestern, and PennLaw to be TAP’s source of academic research, articles, and policy debates.

The site plans to focus on the following areas of interest:

  • intellectual property, patents and licensing
  • cloud computing/software + services
  • competition policy and antitrust
  • economic growth and the knowledge economy
  • privacy and security
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