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Last night I updated my build of Chromium (Google Chrome) on OS X to build number (35879).  After I update Chromium I typically look around to see if they have added anything new to it and to my surprise they finally added the Bookmark Manager.  As I pointed out in my previous review of Chromium while it was in its early days of development for OS X there were a number of features missing including the Bookmark Manager (which I missed a lot, in fact it was a deal breaker at first).

Chromium is updated more frequently (multiple times per day) than the official Google Chrome for Mac beta so it’s only natural for the bookmark manager feature to appear first in the Chromium build.  Nonetheless, it was a pleasant surprise – one which I have been waiting for, for quite some time.  I can only assume that this will make its way over to the official build shortly and that it will be ready for a stable release soon on OS X.

A few other things I noticed in this build of Chromium are that the Create an application shortcut is no longer grayed out, however, it does not work yet (at least I could not get it to work).  It also appears that the Task Manager feature goes back and forth from being available to being grayed out.  Also, Full Screen mode is still unavailable as well as a few other items in the preferences, however, extensions do work in Chromium (and have for the last number of builds).

More screenshots of the Bookmark Manager for Chromium on OS X below:

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