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In a press release put out by Malwarebytes today, the company has announced its partnership with the non-profit organization StopBadware. With the new partnership, Malwarebytes is joining a number of other Internet and software companies, including Google, Mozilla, Paypal, and Facebook, all of which are looking to make the web a safer place.

The partnership will allow Malwarebytes to participate in StopBadware’s new data sharing initiative which seeks to build a thorough database of malware URLs which can be used to help the security community. Additionally, Malwarebytes will be taking part in StopBadware’s Partners Forum, where companies involved with StopBadware share threat intelligence and strategies to help fight malware. Aside from sharing intelligence and strategies, the Forum also works to figure out ways to better assist website owners whose websites have been compromised by malware, which is becoming a growing problem.

You may not realize it but StopBadware has been around for quite a while and chances are you have seen their work in action without knowing it. If you have ever seen a website in Google’s search results listed as potentially malicious — that’s StopBadware protecting people. However, sometimes as we have covered in the past, even legitimate websites can be compromised by malware and listed as malicious by Google which can cause real problems for website owners, so it’s great to see that StopBadware and its partners are also working to help website owners who have fallen victim to malware.

Overall, this is a great partnership for both companies and I know it’ll be hugely beneficial for the entire web community.

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