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First off, I’d like to thank Pierce again for these recommendations.

Okay, so I had one of those Microsoft media keyboard/mouse packages for the longest time. It was decent for the most part, until recently they started to really act up even after I had changed the batteries. I was getting pretty upset with them (especially the keyboard) it was severely impairing my typing. So I decided to look at other keyboard/mouse combo packs and was about to buy one from Logitech when I happened to ask in my channel if anyone had any opinions on that keyboard/mouse combo. Of course, Pierce being Pierce spoke up and told me he didn’t recommend combo packages and that in the end you’re better off buying individual components.

I then asked him what he recommended then, he showed me the MX Revolution and diNovo Edge both made by Logitech. So I went out to Circuit City and picked them up, brought them home and charged them (the battery life is very good on both and they have Lithium Ion batteries so you don’t need to worry about the batteries remembering when they were charged or anything like that), after they were completely charged (the keyboard took about 2 hours and the mouse took about 3) I put them to work. I immediately fell in love with both – the keyboard is easy to type on, looks sleek, supposedly last for 2 months on one charge (of course different usage applies), and also has a ton of cool features. The mouse is easy to maneuver, good battery life, has a nice feature called ‘document flip’ which is similar to ALT-TAB, and the scroll wheel is excellent and smooth as well.

I’d give these a rating of 10 out 10. However, I must point out one thing about the keyboard – it does not have a number pad so if you use the number pad often, this may not an ideal keyboard for you. Just something to think about.

What keyboard and mouse do you use and how would you rate them?

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