So you add more RAM to your machine which now has a total of 3GB of RAM, sounds great right? Well, it is. However, now my applications or should I say at least one of them has decided it can now use 640MB of RAM. By the way, I had 2GB of RAM previously before I added another 1GB stick and I never exceeded 1.7GB being used at once even with a lot of applications open. I’m sorry, but that’s completely ridiculous…and I thought Firefox was bad! Hah! This time I’m talking about iTunes (Apple’s Audio Player for Windows and Mac).

Anyway, I was running iTunes on my Vista machine not the Macbook when I saw I was using OVER 2GB of RAM. So naturally I go to the Task Manager, then processes and take a look at what’s using the most memory. I was expecting to see Firefox stuffing its face, but I didn’t. Instead I saw iTunes pigging out, while Firefox was just using a measly 130MB of memory compared to iTunes using whopping 640MB. I would have to say my jaw dropped. I’m going to have to see if the same memory eating goes on with iTunes on my Macbook. Memory leak? I mean, I know iTunes has gotten pretty bloated…but c’mon! Imagine if I had let it sit there for a while longer.

Has anyone else had any similar issues with iTunes or any other program? Share them with me, leave a comment!

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  • 640?!?! Wow…I’ve never had it use more than 200Mb, regardless of the amount of RAM I’ve had. I’ve never had a single process use 640 except fwhile running virtual machines a few times.

    tasklist /fi “memusage gt 100000” gave me the following:

    Image Name Mem Usage Status
    iTunes.exe 173,752 K Running
    vmware-vmx.exe 155,164 K Running

    Usually Firefox and/or Opera are usually also using more than 100MB, but at the moment Firefox is closed and Opera is only using 50MB.

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