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Hardware and phone manufacturer LG has been on the promotional uptick for its new smart watch, the LG G Watch, since its unveil earlier this year. As we near its forthcoming summer release, the company has released a minute-long teaser video for the device that showcases its key features.

Chief among them are its connectedness to Android, sleek and lightweight design, metal body, efficient use of battery life, and waterproof casing for worry-free outdoor use. In the realm of tech specs, LG doesn’t turn over any new stones with this video — it’s simply trying to gauge and stir up interest in the device.

The LG G Watch, set to release before June’s end, will be part of the Android Wear line, a subset of wearable devices that runs a modified, notification-focused, OK Google-centered version of Android. Android Wear is designed in-house by Google, with manufacturers put in charge of making devices that jive with their family of products.

Numerous companies are working on smart watches for Android Wear, with LG’s biggest competitor, Motorola, working on an impressive little device called the Moto 360.


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