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Rumor has it that Google is preparing to announce its new Nexus devices sometime this month, with some saying that we’ll get a big reveal event on October 16. There, we’ll get our first official looks at the new Nexus 6 smartphone reportedly being made by Motorola (codenamed “Shamu”) and the new Nexus 9 tablet coming from HTC – a fact that’s all but confirmed at this point. In fact, an image of the HTC-made Nexus 9 has leaked online – though, there’s certainly a bit of doubt about its legitimacy just based on how it looks alone.

A Tweet from @upleaks uprovides what it claims to be a photo of the Nexus 9 – though, there’s little in the photo to suggest that it is or isn’t real. Take a look:

It’s plenty blurry, so there isn’t much here that couldn’t have been Photoshopped. On that same note, one wonders why you’d go to the trouble of faking such a lousy looking photograph that shows so little. Meanwhile, a post on 9to5Google points out that a device featuring the same model number that’s belonged to other Nexus 9 leaks was recently passed by the FCC. At this point, the fact that HTC is behind the Nexus 9 tablet is an open secret – we’re just waiting on official confirmation and a price point.

For Google’s Nexus line, it seems it’s following the same path as Apple and the iPhone – bigger is better. Maybe that’s true, but from what we’ve heard of the gigantic Nexus 6, I’m not too thrilled. The Nexus 9 may wind up being a beauty of a tablet, since around nine or ten inches is just about right for a device like that. But for a phone that I’m supposed to put in my pocket or hold in my hand? I think the bigger these phones get, the less interesting they become. That’s just me though – clearly Apple, Google, Samsung, and Motorola have figured out that people want their smartphones bigger than ever. Hopefully we’ll find out what Google has planned by October 16.

[Source: 9to5Google]

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