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Everyone wants to see Apple’s iPhone 6, and as we inch ever-closer to June’s WWDC event, the frequency of rumors and leaks finding their way to the Internet increases steadily every day.

Over on BGR, a post offers up images purported to show the iPhone 6’s digitizer—that’s the bit on the phone that separates your finger from the LCD and registers your touches and taps. If these images are accurate, the iPhone 6 will have little to no bezel, giving it a great big display.

iphone-6-digitizer-leak-2Based on this image, it looks like the phone itself will be roughly the same size as the iPhone 5s and 5C, which makes sense considering Apple’s commitment to a unified form and vision. We’ve heard for a while that the iPhone 6 would have a bigger screen than its predecessors, which never rang that true to me, if only because the company has made a point of keeping its products in line with a certain aesthetic. But eliminating the bezels would be a great way to increase screen size while maintaining form-factor. And an iPhone 6 without a bezel has also been bandied about for some time, so there’s more than enough juice behind this to make me think that these images are the real deal.

Then again, French blog Now Here Else points out that “it would have been quite easy for the author of these photos [to] scratch the black layer on the glass panel to delineate the borders of the screen.” If that were the case, it would raise a different question: why? I’ve always wondered what hoaxters and people posting fake images get out of doing so, but it happens. Fakery is constant in the world of tech speculation, and these photos could certainly be bogus.

So what do you think? If the images are the real deal, are you into a same-sized iPhone 6 with no bezels? Or do you want a straight-up bigger device with a bigger screen?

[Sources: BGR, Now Here Else]


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