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Today there have been a flurry of iPod Video rumors soaring around the web, but, the real question is (assuming these rumors are legit) when can we expect to see the new iPod Video hit the market?  It may be sooner then you think.  I would expect to see these new iPod’s hit the shelves no later then October.

My reasoning for this time range is very simple.  For the past number of years Apple has offered students the buy a Mac and get a free iPod deal as a back to school promotional special.  The special typically ends in September (this year it ends September 8th) and shortly after new iPod’s are released.

That is exactly how it played out last year.  I expect it to happen pretty much the same way this year, too.  This time frame also allows the iPhone 3GS to make a good chunk of sales (it sold 1 million on its launch) without much interference from the iPod.  If this rumor holds true this will be huge – we have already seen how big the iPhone 3GS is in the video department with all the YouTube uploads that have been coming from the device since its launch.

I always just assumed the back to school special was just a “nice” way of getting rid of old inventory and maybe it really is.

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