These Are Amazing iPhone 6 Design Concepts

The iPhone 5 isn’t even out yet in the United States, but that hasn’t stopped someone from coming up with some pretty sleek iPhone 6 design concepts. The iPhone 6 is probably two years off based on Apple’s release schedule, the next iPhone will most likely be the iPhone 5S with the iPhone 6 coming out the year after that. A lot could change in that time period, but I thought these concepts were too cool not to share.

The iPhone 6 design concept features a huge 4.9″ screen with the home button moved over to the side where the volume buttons are located. This is a pretty significant change from what iPhone users are accustomed to and would mean users have to hit the home button with their thumb, similarly to how you adjust the volume. The design measures in at 125mm-by-63 mm, which is only slightly taller and a little bit wider than the iPhone 5 (123.8mm-by-58.6mm).

Check out the design concepts below. What do you think?

Iphone6 concept13

Iphone6 concept4

Iphone6 concept6

You can see the complete iPhone 6 concept set here.

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